About Us

It’s easy to say “we sell quality products”. What does that mean? Throughout our facility, you will see our commitment to quality. This is what it says:

Our team is committed to on-time, error free delivery of products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations. We will work to build relationships with our customers and suppliers through process control, continuous improvement and teamwork to ensure that quality is never compromised.

But just hanging some words on a wall doesn’t mean anything if we don’t understand it or believe in it. What is said and what is done is often two very different things. Our team embraces our commitment to quality.

With Patent Awards you will consistently receive exceptional service and premium handcrafted IP recognition awards. We strive to meet or exceed your expectations every time by personally handcrafting your plaque or frame using only premium materials. We promise that your experience with us will be a positive one each and every time.

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