Types of Inventor Recognition Awards

Inventor Recognition

In today’s changing marketplace employee loyalty and engagement is critical. A significant amount of time and money is spent training employees, and yet the average person will change careers at least once in their lifetime and most will change their job numerous times. In research and development fields losing employees who work on “top secret” projects can prove to be especially costly.

Many companies use Inventor Recognition to increase employee loyalty and engagement with their most valuable employees. Inventor Recognition can be a casual event or a more formal event and can be done in conjunction with a wall display.

7 Steps to Start Inventor Recognition Programs

Patent Wall and Display Recognition

Wall Displays consist of patent plaques hung in a lobby or conference room. Often these plaques are used to showcase a cohesive message about the innovation goals and importance within a company. When done correctly, Patent Wall and Display Recognition can spur on a friendly, and often beneficial, competiveness with the inventors. Many times companies showcase every patent assigned to the company. Or some companies choose to create a display of the most influential patents or a historical representation of the company’s innovation.

Wall Displays are used to influence customers, clients, shareholders, board of directors, current employees, recruits, media and more. When done right, a patent wall display should accurately and professionally convey the role of innovation in your business.

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Innovation Awards

Innovation Awards can include but are not limited to service awards, plaques that simply say Thank You, and awards for outstanding achievement.

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